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He gave me a hill

From a man I respect…

Fools For Him

The Lord gave me a hill.

A little more than a year-and-a-half ago, we moved back to Tennessee from Michigan. We were selected to work with a small, country church and live in a house in what is known locally as a sink between a state highway and the church building.

This sink is a low place between the highway and the church, both of which are several feet higher in elevation than the house.

When we moved here, we had no idea at all of the purpose behind our move outside of our own desire to be closer to our grandchildren. We were young and foolish. It turned out there was a purpose we did not reckon or even think about.

Just after dark on New Year’s Eve 2015, we were returning from a fellowship dinner at the church when I had a heart attack. Much of the next…

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