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Priority set. Living it. Now to SHARE!

I know I am just starting this adventure of blogging,  but so far, so good. First things always come first. God and His will. Second thing was living it out in my life. Now we come to the third part of my first foray into writing a blog, sharing what we know and live. Sharing … Continue reading

Now What? Priority Set, God’s Word first! Next?

Good Morning! To know God’s Word is the most important thing in our lives. No doubt about it. But to know something and not do anything with it is a sad state of affairs. Many stories have been told about the person who gained all kinds of knowledge, but never did anything with it. You … Continue reading

First things first

Good Morning! As I begin this new venture in my life, blogging, let me try to get things in the right order. Priorities. As we travel this road together, the first thing I want to emphasize is that God’s Word is the most important thing in the world. I know that God is in all and … Continue reading


This is my first venture into the world of blogging! I look forward to exploring this avenue of communication!